Koh Sriboya Beachfront Resort

thai elephantsLooking for a place to relax on the beach, pick some tropical fruit right off the tree and eat it at its freshest, or do a bit of sea kayaking and windsurfing on calm emerald green waters? Not looking for junky souvenir stands, massage parlors, drugs, karaoke bars, noisy taxis, and little monkeys wearing yellow and red suits and dancing a jig for a banana? Then you have landed at the right resort. Thai-West Beachfront Resort on Koh Siboya is all about relaxation and enjoying the natural beauty Thailand has to offer. Oh, we do have monkeys, but they are wild monkeys and they will steal your food if you leave it out!

We are a Thai family with the rather long and somewhat unpronounceable name of Sragpaengkow (Srap en gow). Our sister is married to an English-speaking foreigner and they spend much of their time in Hong Kong, and she helps us with our English. There are two brothers and one sister who run the resort with our spouses and children.

Pahtpai is the oldest sister and she handles meals, reservations, laundry and housecleaning. Pahtpai’s husband, Pon, is the driver of the Tuk-Tuk, which will pick you up at Koh Siboya pier. Pon assists Acomb in building and maintenance. Pahtpai has two little girls, Bupe (13) and Bangpon (11). Bupe is a budding tour guide and will very soon speak the best English on the entire island.

Acomb is the oldest brother and he is the building repairman, longtail boat operator, tour guide for off-island excursions, and head crab fisherman (if you have never tried fresh crab, just ask Acomb when it will be on the menu, and if you are really up for an adventure, ask to “help out” next time he goes out for crabs). Acomb’s wife Noi helps Pahtpai with cooking, laundry and housecleaning, when she is not caring for her two boys Dotcom (12) (yeah, that is really his name, and he was named that way before anyone in the family knew about the Internet), and Diu (10), and one girl Nadia (8). Dotcom is very considerate and is great at showing other children around the resort; Diu shows great promise as a tour guide and Nadia swings a mean golf club on our 3-hole, very primitive golf course.

Nong is the youngest brother and he is a former Buddhist monk. Nong is in charge of the landscaping, feeding the fish, island-based excursions, and spiritual discussions for anyone wishing to participate. Nong also assists Acomb in the off-island excursions, and is usually the guide if someone wants a tour of our island by scooter. Nong is single despite several serious attempts made by various visitors and local women.