Map of Koh Sriboya


Koh Siboya is near Krabi in the Andaman Sea off the west coast of Thailand.
Typically, Visitors arrive at Koh Siboya by way of Bangkok and then Krabi. You can get to Suvarnabhumi Airport, Bangkok (BKK) on Thai Airways International, British Airways, Cathay Pacific, China Airlines, KLM, Lufthansa, Quantas, United Airlines, and others.
From Bangkok you can get to Krabi by plane, train, or bus. We strongly recommend that you fly into Krabi rather than take the bus or train, as spending twelve (12) hours traveling the length of southern Thailand is not conducive to sleep (and not that much cheaper than just flying in).


Plane – 1 hr 15 min    Thai Airways and Air Aisa fly from Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK) to Krabi. Nok Air and One-Two-Go Airlines fly from Don Mueang Airport (DMK) to Krabi.

Train – Overnight train, plus 2 hr bus ride    From Bangkok Railway Station take the train to one of the following stations: Trang, Phun Pin in Surat Thani Province, or Thung Song in Nakhon Sri Thammarat Province. From any of these places a bus may be taken onward to Krabi (be sure to get off the bus at the Nua Klong bus stop). Regarding train schedules and costs, contact Bangkok Railway Tel. (02) 223-7010, 223-7020.
Bus – 12 hr    Buses leave Bangkok for Krabi (be sure to get off the bus at the Nua Klong bus stop) daily in the evening. There are 24-seat air-conditioned buses, 40-seat air-conditioned buses, and 40-seat non air-conditioned buses. Contact Bangkok Southern Bus Terminal (Borommarat Chonnani Road) at (02) 435-1199, 435-5061 (air-conditioned bus) and (02) 4345557 (non air-conditioned bus).
The ferry to Koh Siboya operates from 7 AM–5 PM, so choose your bus accordingly. For example, if you take the 4 PM bus from Bangkok, you will arrive at the Nua Klong bus stop around 4 AM and will have to wait about 3 hours until a taxi can pick you up. Wouldn’t you rather be in a beachfront bungalow watching another Siboya sunset?

Taxi Service

We can arrange for a taxi to pick you up from Krabi Airport or Nua Klong Bus Stop for $1,000 Baht per person. Alternatively, if you are traveling light, you can rent a scooter in town and ride to the ferry at Laem Kruat, take the ferry across (they will charge you 20 Baht for the scooter and another 20 Baht per person).
Get airline and train timetables in PDF format.
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