Weather Conditions

As a general rule, the air and water temperatures on Koh Siboya are fairly consistent (air: mid- to high-80s, water: low 80s); but with considerable variation in terms of other aspects of the weather. The High Season (October – February) has relatively low rainfall and winds, which makes it perfect for relaxing with a coconut juice at your own private bungalow on the beach. The Hot Season (March – June) has very little wind, so the heat can seem stifling, but the snorkeling is the best as the visibility is unsurpassed. Poda Island, Bamboo Island, Phi Phi and Railay Beach all offer great snorkeling destinations during this time.

The Wet Season (July – September) provides excellent wind for windsurfing and kitesurfing, but also gives proof to it’s name in that every day or two it can pour rain for as long as 4 hours straight, so bring a good book along with your kitesurfing rig. The windsurfing and kitesurfing in front of Thai-West Resort is incredible, as we get strong winds but the nearby islands block the waves, so you get plenty of speed with very little chop.

The High Season offers little rain, cool breezes, and the lowest temperatures of the year. It’s a pleasant time to snorkel, kayak, and hike or bicycle around Koh Siboya Island. The low winds are not great for an experienced wind surfer, but it can be a good time for your first try at it. The High Season is the busiest time in Krabi and other nearby towns. Our bungalows tend to rent out early, so we urge people to make reservations in advance, as Thailand vacation destinations are always popular.

The Hot Season has almost no rain, little wind, and the highest temperatures of the year. There are very few tourists, so it’s a great time for sightseeing and shopping without crowds at Railay Beach, Phi Phi Island, and Krabi. This is also a great time to snorkel and a good time to go for a sunset paddle in a kayak and follow it with a dip in the ocean or ride a scooter around Koh Siboya Island.

Weather Thai West VacationsThe Wet Season has strong winds (20 knots or more) and guarantees rain almost every day, sometimes for four (4) hours straight. This is the time to bring your kite surfing gear and a good book. Time your kite surfing or wind surfing session around the rain and then relax with your book while the rain comes down. The runoff from the rain keeps the water murky around Thai West, so if you want to snorkel, make reservations for an off-island trip to the reefs near Koh Phi Phi.


Average Temperature and Rainfall


Season High Hot Season Wet Season High Season
Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Average Temperature (°C) 26.9 27.6 28.3 28.5 28.1 28.3 27.8 28.0 27.2 27.1 27.0 26.7
Average Temperature (°F) 80.4 81.6 82.9 83.3 82.6 82.9 82.0 82.4 80.9 80.8 80.6 80.1
Average Rainfall (mm) 35.0 30.7 38.8 163.2 348.2 212.8 263.0 262.6 419.3 305.4 207.3 52.0
Average Rainfall (inches) 1.4 1.2 1.5 6.4 13.7 8.4 10.4 10.3 16.5 12.0 8.2 2.0